Great News! The US Border Patrol is hiring.
Just a Few Questions and You'll be On Your Way!
The Border Patrol has minimum eligibility requirements for employment. To verify that you are eligible, please answer the questions below.
Did You Know?
Average Starting Pay for Border Patrol Jobs is between $36,658 and $46,542 per year. 
Border Patrol Jobs Offer Many Fantastic Benefits, Including:
Full Federal Benefits
Paid Training
Paid Vacations
No Experience Necessary!
Get Started Today!
Several Positions Available, Including:
Border Patrol Agent
CBP Officer
Marine Interdiction Agent
CBP Agriculture Specialist
Import Specialist
Intelligence Specialist
Air Interdiction Agent
UAV Pilot
CBP Contract Specialist
Field Canine Coordinator
Minimum Requirements To Qualify For Postal Jobs:
Must be between 18-40 years of age.
Must be a US Citizen & Resident
Must have a High School Diploma or GED
If you have met these minimum requirements, that's great. You may be eligible for positions with the U.S. Border Patrol. 
To verify full eligibility, please choose your desired job location from the map above.

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